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An Escalator for Business Dreams

Incepcion is an international team of futurists and business strategists who believe every business should have a dream. We’ll make your world new again. We’ll show you our latest research and create new commercial dreamscapes.

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60 minutes

We offer unique presentations and speeches based on comprehensive future studies. We identify new business trends and market scenarios and in 60 minutes, we can show you new opportunities and re-vitalise the way your company looks at the future.

24 hours

Incepcion has developed a 24-hour workshop inspired by what the tech companies call hackathons. Carefully, we take your team out of their comfort zone and bring them on a creative business adventure using the cities of Europe the same way artists used Paris a hundred years ago. Our business hack day shortens traditional business development by months and brings new energy into the process.


3 months

Re-invent your company by setting your innovation team free in an environment where creative thinking is encouraged and supported. Incepcion has created an environment where companies can explore, research and develop new ideas. We help teams test and evaluate new ideas until they can be presented as new business opportunities and models. We can facilitate your business innovation and provide the ideal working space for you in King's Cross in London. The program runs for 12 weeks.

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